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Our Story

We are inspired by innovation, intelligent solutions and the ability to solve problems with bleeding edge technology. Firm Power works at the forefront of the renewables industry, enabling and accelerating the energy transition through our developments.

Energy storage is one of the key technologies that can improve power system security, reliability and enable high levels of renewable energy integration into the grid. Firm Power was created in recognition of the critical role energy storage has to play in Australia’s energy transition and to seize the opportunity created by the change in Australia’s energy generation sources.

Firm Power is now a key industry participant in energy storage project development with a significant project portfolio across Australia and a strong future pipeline. Firm Power is also in the process of developing a sustainable fuels platform in Australia to assist hard to transition transport sectors.

Our Approach

Firm Power’s value proposition involves the entire development cycle for our energy projects to ensure exceptional delivery for our stakeholders.

Our project origination starts with identification of the ideal site and due diligence before progressing core development including securing land, permitting and approvals, and connections as well as technology selection and design. We work closely with landowners, regulatory authorities, network and other utilities, and technology vendors throughout the feasibility process.

Our project structuring starts with identification of required key agreements and sub-contracts that underpin project feasibility, investment and ultimate success. Firm Power then works with project stakeholders to deliver all project agreements including offtake, supply, construction, operation and maintenance as well as being involved either as a lead or supporting party in the raising of equity and debt investment, ensuring each project is securely funded.

Our Vision

To develop high quality infrastructure projects that facilitate the energy transition.  

Our Mission

Target project development opportunities in leading-edge segments using advanced technology to ensure energy supply can meet an increasingly variable demand, creating a more dynamic and flexible energy mix.

Our Values


We build and maintain trust across our organisation and our broader stakeholder group. Trust is the cornerstone of our operations and project development activities.


We accept the responsibility of a project from inception to outcome and everything in between. We insist on strong ethical principles and follow them at all times, no matter who’s watching.


We deliver projects that are ready to build on time and on budget. We always deliver on our promises and ensure that our broader stakeholder does the same.


We constantly innovate as part of our project development activities. We search for new and better ways to deliver projects that facilitate the energy transition.


We believe culture is a way of life. Our culture is built on trust, integrity, respect and performance. We focus strongly on the wellbeing and safety of our staff and broader stakeholder group.

Our Impact

Batteries are the most scalable and cost effective type of grid-scale storage which can be deployed rapidly and with pinpoint precision to make the overall grid more efficient and resilient, regardless of the generation source. This makes battery storage the true bridge to a clean energy future and a compelling story, especially in regions like Australia.

Grid-scale batteries are projected to account for the majority of storage growth both in Australia and worldwide. In Australia 30 large-scale batteries were under construction at the end of 2021 and globally total installed capacity was 16 GW, most of which was added over the course of the previous five years.

The rapid scaling up of energy storage systems will be critical to address the hour‐to‐hour variability of renewable electricity generation on the grid, especially as their share of supply increases. Meeting rising flexibility needs while decarbonising electricity generation is a central challenge for the energy transition.

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